Why blog about unbelief?

I’m starting this blog to explain — first to myself and then to others who care to know — a transformation in my worldview and my approach to knowledge.

Through my mid-30s, my position was “God said it; I believe it; that settles it.”

Over roughly the past 10 years, I’ve struggled with the implications of being committed to this belief system, or any given belief system, despite abundant contradictory evidence and personal experience.

Only recently did I start peeling back the layers of what I grew up believing. When I did, I eventually found that I had no rational basis for belief in the Christian god.

I know I will cause grief to some people (including some of my dearest family members and friends) by having ‘converted’ from unconditional believer to skeptic and by blogging about it. That really makes me sad, but pretending I still believe in the Christian god would be much worse, for many reasons.


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