Christian friends & relatives: Start here

You have known me as a Christian whose worldview is based on the Bible. You may have known me as a leader in youth ministry or children’s church or as a co-leader of an adult Bible study. You may have heard me ‘say grace’ or play worship music (poorly!) on an instrument. I probably seemed very dedicated and sincere in my faith, and for most of my life — from the start of high school through my mid-thirties — I really was.

You may not realize that, over roughly the past 10 years, I’ve struggled with the implications of accepting the claims of Christianity in spite of contradictory evidence and personal experience. Only recently did I start challenging and investigating the foundations of the Christian belief system I had grown up with. When I did, I eventually found that I had no rational basis for believing in the Christian god.

You may wonder why I am using something as seemingly impersonal as a web page to tell you about this change in my worldview. I promise that it’s not because I want to avoid your questions but because I am afraid of overloading you with my answers. I’m actually very eager to discuss my journey with you, whenever you are ready.

I do think it will be a better conversation if you read some of my posts before picking up the phone or composing a long e-mail message to me. Below are links to posts that may address some of your initial questions.

I remain sincerely yours!

— Dave

Question(s) Short Answer(s) Post(s)
How did you stop believing in God? Do you consider yourself an atheist now? It was the natural result of honest inquiry. I consider myself a skeptic who is not convinced of the existence of gods.
Aren’t you concerned about your soul? The biblical rules for attaining salvation are nebulous. Even if I believed in Jesus and in heaven and hell, I could never be certain of my salvation.And by the way, the Bible does not even support the popular concept of a post-mortal hell.
Are you really convinced there is no God? This is the wrong question, in both practical terms and logical terms.
  1. Debbi McMullan

    Deb was here 10-3-12.
    And I’ll be back.
    Love you!

  2. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. You might also like this blog from a friend of Wes.

  3. Elaine: “Lemon” is really deep! I’ve read a lot of it now. Thanks for the link!

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