My evangelism style

When I was a young Christian, I took the Great Commission very seriously. I considered it my moral duty to tell everyone — verbally, overtly — what I believed, and try to convert them, even if it made me or my ‘target’ uncomfortable.

Later, I adopted ‘lifestyle evangelism,’ which to me meant making it clear what I believed without necessarily forcing conversations about it. I wore and displayed Christian stuff; I casually mentioned “my church.” Nevertheless, I was always ready for a good debate if someone else started it by making a declaration of some other belief or of non-belief.

Now, as an atheist, I’m as passionate about matters of faith as I was before. And in the age of online social media, someone else is always ‘starting it.’

One recent morning, I took the bait, although I didn’t engage anyone I know personally and my response was kind of cryptic.

This was in my Facebook feed, posted by someone I don’t know but ‘liked’ by someone I do know: Beth Moore hair-brushing story posted on Facebook

I went to the source video on YouTube and wrote this comment: “A professional storyteller saw something unusual. She responded in an unusual way. This yielded a touching, dramatic and humorous story that she gets to tell repeatedly. God would have had to intervene to *stop* this from happening.”

I still hesitate to throw water on expressions of religious belief by my Facebook friends. It feels kind of mean, even though I have an equal right to express my views.


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  1. Debbi McMullan

    Just for the record….I welcome your views! And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. Much love. —Deb

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