UU diary, episode 2

The “lecture” I thought I was going to at the UU church turned out to be the last session of a class, several weeks long, on the writings of James Luther Adams (pictured).

The pastor/instructor and the students graciously allowed me to stay and listen as they read their final assignments: essays they wrote in response to essays by Adams.

What a way to get familiar with a group of people: hearing them share their thoughts and feelings about a prominent Unitarian figure and his writings and the UU experience, plus in many cases stories of how they came to be part of this church family.

As I said in e-mail to the pastor, Lucas Hergert, the next day: “Thanks for letting me ‘audit’ the last session of your JLA class. It ended up being the perfect introduction to you and your community. Wow, what a smart, thoughtful, eloquent group.”



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