Giving UU a try

I recently heard about the Unitarian Universalist community (it feels weird to call it a church) and decided to look into it.

I’m planning to go to a lecture tonight at the UU church in Livermore. Seems like a good way to get a glimpse of the culture and environment.

At first glance, UU seems like:

  • A nice way for a ‘mixed’ couple — for example, a ‘humanist’ married to a ‘cultural Catholic’ — to have a traditional church experience together.
  • A non-threatening way for all family members to get a well-rounded religious education and to work through philosphical exploration and doubt.
  • A positive community to belong to.

I’m also intrigued by the fact that the UU ‘creed’ is a set of values (how we should treat each other, how we look for truth, etc.) rather than a set of beliefs (who made what, who was a virgin when, who killed whom, who rose from what, etc.). I’d rather ‘fellowship’ with people who share my appreciation for honest inquiry than with people who happen to have arrived at the same conclusions I have.

More to follow.


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