What’s the harm?

Here is a heartbreaking list of people who have been killed, physically injured or psychologically damaged because someone acted on faith instead of facts. The majority of cases are of young children dying of preventable or treatable illnesses because their parents chose prayer over medicine.

A theist might react to this list by distancing his or her ‘moderate’ beliefs and practices from these ‘extreme’ ones. But even ‘moderate’ instances of taking faith over facts can be harmful.

The Anoka-Hennepin “no homo promo” policy and the town culture that bred it have encouraged, or at least permitted, bullying, derision and marginalization of gay teen-agers, some of whom have committed suicide.

Do you believe homosexuality is a ‘lifestyle choice,’ or a treatable mental illness, or a spiritual condition with a spiritual cure? If so, you are accepting faith over facts. That’s your right, but acting on those (or other) irrational beliefs in a way that harms others, especially minors, is inexcusable.


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