There’s only one everything

I had never heard of the theologian John Haught before I read a blog post about Haught’s opposition to the release of a video of a debate between himself and Jerry Coyne about the compatibility of science and religion.

The uproar about the video is a great topic in its own right. So is Haught’s stance on intelligent design. But right now I’m most intrigued by a particular statement by Haught about materialism.

Asked during a legal hearing in 2005 if “the materialist world-view” (the philosophy that only matter exists) is a scientific conclusion, Haught said, “No, materialism is a belief system, no less a belief system than is intelligent design. And as such, it has absolutely no place in the classroom, and teachers of evolution should not lead their students craftily or explicitly to have to embrace — to feel that they have to embrace a materialistic world-view in order to make sense of evolution.”

Where do you begin challenging the idea that everything is matter and every event is the result of material interactions? What else would there be? What else would cause things to happen? I’m trying to picture a non-material force acting on a material object.


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